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Physician Testimonials

Whether relocating to Manitoba or deciding to practice in their home province, we're fortunate to have many great physicians and diverse opportunities for them to practice here! Below are several physicians that have shared their positive experiences while practicing in Manitoba. Check out their personal testimonials below.

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Dr. Christopher Williams
Pinawa, Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

Dr. Christopher Williams grew up in Lagos, Nigera. He took his General Family Medicine training in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Dr. Williams has been working with the Pinawa Hopsital and Lac du Bonnet District Health Centre since March 2017.

"The team at the Pinawa Hospital and Lac du Bonnet District Health Centre make for an enjoyable working, supportive, friendly and caring environment.

I find there is room for a successful career with opportunties for growth."

Since working in Pinawa, Dr. Williams finds the staff to be very friendly and supportive. He stated that his patients are outstanding and have realistic expectations of their clinical teams.

One of the greatest benefits of living and practicing in Manitoba, in Dr. Williams words are that,

"There are so many activities to engage in and lots of opportunities to fill my spare time with. Manitoba's wonderful outdoor sites make it easy for me to enjoy my life outside of my job as a physician."


Dr. C. Williams

I chose Pinawa for the allure of living in an idyllic friendly environment that is affordable and provides a great work life balance.”


Dr. Savanna McKay
Swan River MB, Prairie Mountain Health

Dr. Savanna McKay grew up and graduated from high school in Swan River. She completed medical school at Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Thunder Bay, ON. and she completed her Family Medicine Residency through the University of Manitoba in the Parkland program.

"I chose to move back to Swan River to practice because of all the outdoor recreational activities available throughout all four seasons, including boating, camping, kayaking, hiking, snowmobiling, skiing and much more..."

Dr. McKay has been practicing since July 2017 in Swan River. Her clinic is located at the
Swan Valley Primary Care Centre. When Dr. McKay is not in the clinic she is busy seeing inpatients and working shifts in the emergency department at the local hospital.

"One of the many benefits of working in Rural Manitoba is that the relatively new clinic and hospital are great facilities to work and the clinic has a very supportive group of colleagues to work with."

Rural life really offers many benefits, such as:

  • great outdoor recreation opportunities
  • quiet rural living
  • very supportive communities (lots of fundraisers for medical equipment, etc)

Dr. Savanna McKay stated that,

"I don't have to wait to go on vacation to have fun, explore and enjoy outdoor recreational activities, instead they are available every day after work and weekend within close distance."



Dr. McKay

“Working in rural Manitoba provides the ideal work/life balance for those who enjoy outdoor recreation.”


Dr. Denis Fortier
VP Medical Services/Vice-président - services médicaux,
Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba
Southern Health-Santé Sud

“Working and living in a rural community in Southern Health-Santé Sud allows me to practice family medicine as it has always been intended - the full spectrum from babies to seniors and everything in between as well as offering primary care, emergency care and acute care services. And to fully understand the person in the context of their family within the context of their community is extremely rewarding.”

Dr. Denis Fortier



Dr. Rhythm Gumber, Lead Hospitalist
Medical Director, Medicine Program Specializing in Chronic Disease Management
Steinbach MB, Southern Health-Santé Sud

Dr. Rhythm Gumber was born, raised and completed his Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery in India before moving to Ontario Canada in 2007.

Dr. Gumber moved to Winnipeg in 2009 to pursue his residency in Family Medicine with the Urban Residency stream at the University of Manitoba. He chose Steinbach to complete his rural residency rotation and confirms it’s the best decision he’s made

Dr. Rhythm Gumber


“Steinbach is a great place with lots of potential and lots of practice options for primary care practitioners with an awesome group of Physicians and wonderful staff.”


Dr. James MacTavish, Family Medicine
Treherne MB, Prairie Mountain Health

“Having grown in up rural Manitoba and being familiar with the friendly nature of small town living, it was an easy decision to pursue rural medicine. I have worked in Treherne for nearly three years and feel I was well prepared by Manitoba's rural residency program for the work environment that exists in a smaller community. Our work entails a broad scope of practice, and we are challenged to problem-solve and enhance our knowledge on a daily basis.

My colleagues and I derive a lot of satisfaction from the opportunity to provide continuity of care to our patients. To develop a relationship and help them navigate the health-care system is truly gratifying.”

Dr. James MacTavish



Dr. Carine Minders, Family Medicine
Brandon MB, Prairie Mountain Health

South Africa was home to Dr. Carine Minders where she also trained and practiced Family medicine along-side her father Dr. Louis Minders.

Carine, with her parents decided to move to Canada just over a year ago and looks forward to her younger brother relocating to Canada in the near future.

“Canada is truly an amazing country with multiple different cultures and nationalities working towards a common goal”.

Dr. Minders says it was easy to embrace Canada as her new home because she found there were no cultural barriers and English was her first language.

She chose Manitoba because she knew another South African doctor working in Brandon and as a result, Dr. Minders currently works as a full time Hospitalist at Brandon Regional Health Centre, which also includes some shifts in the Emergency department.

Dr. Minders Photo

“I knew very little about the different provinces in Canada, but after living here for just over a year now, I would choose Manitoba again!

“I cannot say enough good things about the hospital and I consider all the people there as my new and opted extended family. There is a special atmosphere of camaraderie when you walk through the doors in the morning and I am happy to be at work every day."

Dr. Minders looks forward to starting a new Trans Health Clinic in Brandon this spring.

“I'm extremely proud to be part of such a wonderful health system. I am able to practice first class evidence-based medicine to all people regardless of their financial background. I can focus on providing the best healthcare for each and every patient without first checking if their health care plan allows me to do so. I am proud that we can also practice a lot of preventative care and we have proper screening guidelines. I think family practice in Canada has allowed me to do what I truly believe in: Holistic patient care.

Manitoba has a reputation for being the friendliest province, and I can testify to that as being fact


Dr. Edwards Tan, Family Medicine
Portage la Prairie, Southern Health-Sante Sud

Dr. Edward Tan is a Rural Family Physician who has been practicing for the past four years in Portage la Prairie.

He is the ER/ICU Director of the Portage District General Hospital. Dr. Tan also enjoys the role of the Educational Director for their resident stream. His practice consist of a mix of ER, clinic and hospital work.

Dr. Tan was born and raised in Winnipeg and he completed his medical school and residency training at the University of Manitoba. As an medical student, Dr. Tan said that he spent time in Portage la Prairie during his family medicine rotation and really enjoyed it there.


“Two of my close friends and classmates decided to establish their practice in Portage as well, therefore it made the decision to come here easier. Working rurally offered a unique opportunity where I have a diverse medical practice - which wouldn't have been available in the city.

Dr. Edwards Tan


Dr. Tan indicted that he found some of the benefits of living in Manitoba were because, the cost of living and competitive monetary renumeration. He also indicated that he loved the great sunny warm summer days!

“Coming to work is enjoyable when you have great people around you."

Dr. Tan shared the following about his experience practicing in Manitoba:

“Working in Manitoba is rewarding and unique experience. You are able work in large cities centers, small rural towns or even remotely up north.You are exposed to a variety of different patient populations and complex disease processes.


Dr. Manish Garg, Family Medicine
Pinawa MB, Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

Dr. Manish Garg is a rural family physician who recently relocated to Manitoba in August 2015. Dr. Garg grew up in Goa, India and he moved to the United Kingdom in the year 2000 where he trained to be a family physician.

For the past 18 months he has been practicing his role by providing primary care services, emergency department coverage and hospital inpatient care to the communities of Pinawa, Whitemouth and Lac Du Bonnet from Pinawa Primary Health Centre.

"We moved to Pinawa, Manitoba in August 2015. I always wanted to provide holistic care which combined Out Patient Services, Emergency Room and In-patient care, and also to be actively involved in the communities where I live. Being part of a team of committed health care professionals who I could speak to on a first name basis mattered to me. I found this perfect combination where I could balance my work - life balance in this rural community of Manitoba."


Dr. Manish Garg

"My experinece with practicing in Manitoba has been that the
Regional Health Authority has been very supportive.
I have had the chance to get involved at
a regional level to help shape local services.

I enjoy working with the University of Manitoba
to highlight the benefits and exciting challenges of
rural practice to medical students and resident doctors.


"If I were to list some of the benefits of living in Manitoba, I would say the following are my top three:

  1. work - life balance
  2. close to pristine nature
  3. grateful and ever helpful communities

If you are looking for a wholesome, engaging practice that challenges you and pushes you out of your comfort zone, that helps you build long lasting relationships with your patients and colleagues, that brings you closer to nature and to appreciate what it has to offer, then look no further - Manitoba is the place to come!!"