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Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHP)

The following information provides details to individuals that are either:

  • An Internationally Educated Health Professional

- OR-

  • A Health Care Professional who was educated outside Canada

Many professional jobs in health care are regulated in Canada. Each province and territory has its own regulator and registration requirements.

Internationally educated health professionals in regulated professions must be registered with the profession’s regulatory body before they can work/practice in Manitoba.

Application for registration can be a complex process. It requires the submission of many documents, including education credentials, verification of work experience, resumes, proof of identification, proof of English language proficiency, and sometimes proof of immigration status.

The process often involves an assessment of clinical competencies and can require additional training before an applicant is given eligibility to write the profession’s national exam. Once these and all other/additional requirements are met, the regulator will then grant the applicant entry on to the profession’s practice registry.

It is important that you learn what the requirements are for application to your profession.

The first step is to review the regulator’s website for your profession.

Here you will find accurate and current information about all of the requirements for registration. This includes important information about the steps and the sources of information you'll require. Some steps can start before you even arrive in Canada.

Some regulator sites include links and information about available supports and resources for IEHP.

Below is a list of all the regulated health professions in Manitoba and their website addresses. Many websites have a section for internationally educated (IE) professionals who wish to apply for registration. Please review the sites carefully.

Registration can take many months to complete and be very costly.

Once all requirements have been met, you will be entered on the profession’s practice registry and can begin to work in your profession in Manitoba.


If you currently do not have immigration status in Canada, it is important to contact an immigration office to ensure you meet the requirements to immigrate to Manitoba and/or to be able to work here legally.

Please consult the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program at:

- OR-

Health Professions